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It occurred to me recently that I run now for a very different reason from the first time I put my running shoes on and hit the treadmill, or the first time I ran outside.  This is not a runner's blog, you won't find technique or marathon stories in this article or anywhere on this blog for that matter!  But I thought I'd share my experience as it's been a really positive one.


So, when asked to run as part of a training programme about 16 months ago I laughed... I mean, I actually laughed and gave the old chestnut 'I've got bad knees'.  Because I always thought I did.  What is 'bad knees' anyway????  Did I have a specific diagnosed knee issue?  Cartilege problems?  Nope.  Arthritis?  Nope. Ligament injury?  Nope. Not that I know of!  And I've never been diagnosed with anything... in fact, I think that I'd carried that much weight around previously that my knees just 'felt' the weight and it was a mindset I'd just got in to.


There are however, people who have real knee issues, for whom running would be a problem, but not me, it was just an excuse.  So belt up Claire, excuses out of the window, I decided to give it a go.  I thought I was going to die the first few times I ran on the treadmill in the gym, and I honestly didn't really run more than 2 or 3k.  But then I thought, you know what?  This isn't really that bad.  My knees aren't hurting. I'm a bit out of breath and need to stop a few times, but oh my god, I'm running!


I was then coerced in to running outside.  And this is what changed my mindset completely.  Once outside and over the 'oh my god! What if someone actually sees me running... mortifying!!!" I was in my own little world. I began to really enjoy it!  Outside, in the fresh air (not inside a warm and sweaty noisy gym), I could put my headphones in, listen to my music and just lose myself. 


Running began to give me the time away from my desk at lunchtime, away from the house and domesticity, away from people(!), away from distractions!  Running gave me the space I needed for myself to think, de-stress, take out some frustrations, analyse things with a sense of perspective. In actual fact some of my best posts and emails have been written in my head while I've been running. 


Yes, as cheesy and cliched as it sounds, running has become my therapy.  My time, away from everything, to sort stuff out or just chill the heck out. 


The benefits? 

- It de-stresses me, I always feel better after a run - however long, because of the endorphins. 

- It's a really good workout... running uses your whole body and you set the pace.  Want intervals? run and walk.  Want steady cardio then run for a distance at a given pace.  Want to challenge yourself set yourself speed or distance goals. You're in control.

- Fitness and weight loss - I've seen greater weight loss while I've been running than in any other time of my life. I'm progressive with my running, so always striving for more distance or faster speed, but the running has helped me get leaner.

- It's FREE!  Yep, no excuses with running. Any time, any place, anywhere.  I travel with work and so a run is an easy way to continue my fitness goas...even in Kuala Lumpar at a pitch black 6am in ridiculous heat and humity... but that's another story. You don't have to have a gym membership to go running.  Just a pair of running shoes and off you go.


Why do I run again?  It's free and it's my therapy

2015 running achievements - from "I can't run i've got bad knees!" (poppycock!) to running 5k on the treadmill.

Last year's running achievements: PBs on both 5ks and 10ks sub 30mins and sub 60mins respectively and first half marathon ran.

This year's running achievements so far: PB 5K 24:31, PB 10K 52:32, PB Half Marathon 1:56:28


Bad knees my ass! ;-)


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