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Our philosophy is around flexibility and building a sustainable lifestyle around food and fitness that works for you. 


So, how has my lifestyle changed and what does my lifestyle look like now?

Essentially I've always, well at least for the last 20 years been working to keep myself fairly fit and healthy. I have an open mind on nutrition and like a variety of food, in fact there's nothing I hate really.  Couple of things I don't like, such as celariac and anything with an aneseed taste really. But other than that I'm open to all foods! I generally eat well, variety of meat, fish, poultry, fruit, vegetables etc.  I've always been keen on the gym too.  I visited the gym 5 days a week on a mosts weeks. By reducing my calories and working harder at the gym, it always managed to get me near enough where I wanted to be.  

How was my lifestyle changed?


I learned a whole lot more about nutrition and training and how the two affect the body. Now, I eat smarter and train smarter.  I surround myself with those who have similar interests and goals to me, in life and on social media so that I'm constantly learning and am inspired. 



I aim to hit my nutrition goals and guidelines around 90% of the time which gives me room to manouvre when there are events or I want something different or I need to refeed/ refuel. 


I eat more protein and track my calories and macros daily
I eat carbs (potato, long grain white rice, pineapple or berries) after a good training session mainly
I fill my plate 60% with vegetables before putting anything else on it
I don't restrict anything from my diet otherwise I want it more!  If I want it I have it and this usually ensures that I have smaller quantities and don't crave anything very often

Now, the above principles work for me.  Obviously the last one needs some sensible thought, once I was well on my way to achieving my goals my attitude to how much and how often I'd allow myself treats relaxed as I've less to lose but if you've a long way to go you need to weigh up how much you want it and how fast you want to get there - clearly this will impact how 'on it' you are and the pleasure v pain discussion then comes in to play. How flexible do you need to be with food - can you be disciplined? How disciplined can you be and for how long?  What is sustainable for you?

See a great introductory vlog on this by The Real Fitness Coach on Pleasure v Pain



I train more because I enjoy it and I make it a priority and part of my lifestyle. I recently turned my garage in to a gym with the equipment in there that I like to use.
I don't watch TV, I haven't done since my youngest was born 4 and a half years ago. I like watching films but don't really watch TV otherwise. Too busy with the kids, working, training or cooking!
I run.  Previously I made the excuse that my knees weren't up to it.  In the last 12 months I've gone from tentatively jogging on the treadmill to a sub 30 5K and decent 2 hour 6 mins half marathon!
I don't make excuses not to train - I do activities I enjoy and just get it done.
I push myself to improve continually, I don't just go to the gym and do the same thing day in day out anymore with the same level of intensity each day.
I weight train now, dumbells, barbells, bodyweight exercises... I love it. So empowering to feel fit and strong. 
I am a CrossFitter. I joined the nearest CrossFit box to me 9 months ago and haven't looked back. I love it and am keen to learn more about CrossFit.
I vary my training sessions. I run some days (different distances and speeds), a couple of CrossFit sessions a week, and I weight train other days.
I train 5/6 days a week completing a mix of cardio and strength for around an hour and a half.

That's MY lifestyle. It's MY journey. It's helped ME get where I want to be right now.  My lifestyle is tailored to my goals.  I want to achieve good things at work so I work hard and when the hours demand there, I want my kids to learn and have fun so I spend time on homework and learning and days out with my kids, I want to be fit and healthy so I have goals to hit with my nutrition and training. It really is as simple as that.  

Know what your goals are and design your life around achieving them.  You don't have to train 5/6 days a week for your goals, you can choose to train less and hit nutrition harder in order to get where you want to be.  It's all about understanding WHAT your GOALS are, HOW to get where you want to be, WHAT will get you there, and then APPLYING the right techniques and principles. 






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