Flex Lifestyle


Our philosophy is around flexibility and building a sustainable lifestyle around food and fitness that works for you. 


Let Flex Food and Fitness help you find your balance build the lifestyle you want to live.  In our lifestyle section we'll be sharing with you hints and tips on finding your balance, eating and training for various goals, people who inspire us, how to stay motivated and much more.


Hands up who is honest and documents or records when the weight goes up as well as when it comes down?  I do... Why?

It occurred to me recently that I run now for a very different reason from the first time I put my running shoes on and hit the treadmill, or the first time I ran outside.  This is not a runner's blog, you won't find technique or marathon stories in this article or anywhere on this blog for that matter!  But I thought I'd share my experience as it's been a really positive one.


 So here it is, my first Flex Food and Fitness blog. :-) I thought I should introduce myself properly, so here goes...

I'm a single mum of two beautiful, bright, smart, and funny kids... who both keep me on my toes!  So I know how difficult it can be to juggle priorities.   Recently single and initially panic stricken at the thought of being the main responsible parent (gulp!) I was determined to do anything within my power to make sure I was in a position to nurture my kids right through to adulthood. My mortality suddenly hitting me right between the eyes. Coming up to 40?! wta.... ?! Isn't that middle age? Is it all down hill from here? Bits falling off and stopping working and stuff?! OMG!!! Okay, panic over. Get your shit together Doyle.

Acknowledgement: I'm not as fit and healthy as I could be
Plan: Get healthier, get fitter, be a healthier and fitter role model for the kids.
Let's do this!



So, how has my lifestyle changed and what does my lifestyle look like now?