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 One of my favourite things is protein pancakes.... they are one of my allowable sweet treats and still fit my macros. Read on for recipe, method and nutritional info...


You can buy flavoured protein pancake mix in health shops and online from places like MyProtein and they are good!  I have the maple syrup mix from My Protein, but if you want to make your own here is a great recipe that you can't go wrong with. Makes lovely light and fluffy pancakes. 

Makes 4 medium or two large pancakes. 


Pancake mix
1 scoop (25g) vanilla whey protein
3 egg whites
1/2 teaspoon of baking powder
200mls of water (if you want them thicker then reduce the amount of water)
1 full egg (optional but I'd rather have this for taste. Remember to add it to your MFP list for calorie counting if you do too! If I use one egg, then I count the egg white in the 3 above)

1 cal coconut oil to fry (I use about 5 sprays to coat the pan for each pancake. I make two big pancakes out of this - the bigger the pancake the less oil I need).

Ceramic coated frying pan is best or best non-stick one you have

30g chopped/ chipped dark chocolate - 74% or above
berries and 0% fat greek yogurt
Sugar free syrup
The list is endless... 


Mix the pancake mix ingredients thoroughly adding the water slowly as you mix
Heat the pan and spray in the coconut oil until just bubbling
Pour in enough to make a pancake of the desired size 
heat until cooked on the bottom and almost set on top
Then either flip and cook for a minute on the other side until set completely or add the chocolate or other filling of your choice and fold, cooking out for a further minute. 

Enjoy! :-D

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