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No fad diets!  Just plenty of tips and advice on adopting sustainable lifestyle choices and insights and inspiration on good clean nutrition. 

A good starting point.

To begin to clean up your nutrition and monitor calories is the first thing I'd advise anyone wanting to drop body fat, lose weight, get leaner.  Here are a few things to do that will get you well on your way... 


Calories - what do I need?

Calculate your calories here: http://manytools.org/handy/bmr-calculator/go. If you want to lose weight then reduce this number by 500 calories or 25%.

Download the My Fitness Pal App from the Apple App store and set your goals with the calorie figure above



On your My Fitness Pal App in the goals and nutrition section set your macros to 45P 35C 20F.

Log and track all of your food every day.  You'll be surprised!


Food staples and shopping

Clear out all breakfast cereals except oats (not instant)

Buy a 2 litre bottle of water and make sure you re-fill and drink it every day

Batch cook plain chicken breast every few days and store in the fridge. 

Batch cook/ steam a variety of vegetables every few days and keep in tupperware in the fridge.

Ensure you have lots of leafy veg in the fridge all the time (asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, salad leaves, spinach etc)

Buy frozen onion, frozen garlic and canned tomatoes - the holy trinity and the base for many dishes

Buy cayenne pepper, Chinese 5 spice powder, turmeric, paprika, cinnamon, sea salt

Buy lactose and gluten free whey protein powder such as PNI Lean Shake Plus or PNI Pure Protein  Advanced. Vanilla is versatile. Chocolate is great for a sweet hit.

Buy some low fat Greek yoghurt and add some fresh strawberries and or blueberries. You can also add a scoop of vanilla protein.

Swap sugar for Stevia

Clear out any processed junk

Get rid of all cooking oils and lards except olive oil and coconut oil

You should have these staples in your cupboard, fridge, freezer all the time:
Chicken breast
Sirloin Steak
Turkey steak
Green veg / Salad
Garlic (frozen or you can buy it powdered or in a tube)
Onions (frozen)
Tinned tomatoes
Greek Yoghurt
Tinned tuna (In spring water)
Salmon fillets (and/or tinned)
Protein powder
Sweet Potato
Long grain white rice
Frozen berries (so nice warmed in the mircrowave with yogurt :-)  )
Eggs (lots of eggs - the cholesterol thing is nonsense... more on this later) 
Beef steak mince (5% fat)
Leanest turkey or pork mince
Frozen mixed veg

Principles to help achieve cleaner eating and fuel your body when needed and aid the recovery period after training

Eat fats in the morning, like bacon, salmon and egg yolks
Eat carbs like sweet potato, white potato, long grain white rice, pineapple after a good strength or cardio training session
Eat protein with every single meal. Protein builds muscle which burns fat at a faster rate
Fill half of your plate with vegetables or salad before adding protein, fat or more dense carbs like rice or potatoes
If you drink tea and coffee try to drink it black most of the time and swap the sugar for stevia or other sweetener
Drink plenty of water, especially after training
Weigh your food don't guess - it's very easy to overestimate which will sabotage your efforts!
If you have little will power don't have the things that make you fall off the wagon in the house, if you have children, buy them treats that you don't like ;-)
Find treats that you do like that don't skint your calorie purse.... e.g., swap out peanut butter for PB2 ... I'll talk about the treat swaps I use soon!


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