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No fad diets!  Just plenty of tips and advice on adopting sustainable lifestyle choices and insights and inspiration on good clean nutrition. 


At Flex Food and Fitness we're about tailoring your nutrition to your goals, your lifestyle and helping you design a sustainable lifestyle around food. Helping you make good choices that fit with your lifestyle and either get you the results you want for the nutrition you're happy to work to or maintain the health and vitality you already have. 

In our Food section we'll provide you with principles to live by, information on calories and macros and inspiration on nutrition and diet through tips and visuals on a regular basis.


This is a family favourite of ours. The kids love it and my Son asks for it time and time again. They like to help make it too so it's great for the kids.

Home made breaded fish fillets


One of my principles is to aim to eat 80% clean 85% of the time.


But what does 'eat clean' actually mean?  It means unprocessed. Foods that are in their natural form.  If something is in a tin or a packet then the likelihood is that it has been processed to some degree to provide a shelf life more than a few days.  By rule of thumb clean and natural foods will decay over a few days, so if it lasts longer than a week then it's not natural and has some additives and preservatives (extra chemicals added to the food).

In this article are examples of clean v processed foods and my top 12 food hacks.


Most of the food that I eat is fairly simple... I LOVE food, in fact there isn't much I really don't like. I hate to be hungry... I think the term "Hangry" may have been invented with me in mind lol.  I am REALLY busy with a full time job, in which sometimes I travel, 2 young children, a boyfriend and now a blog (eeek!) so, I honestly don't have an awful lot of time for elaborate recipes and dishes... I love to experiment but unfortunately that's saved for the odd occasion at the weekend when I have time or evenings that aren't a mad rush. 

So I want to share with you some of the tips and tricks I use to make simple clean food taste good, and to show you how I put them together quickly and easily.  



I had a conversation with a friend this weekend about eating cleaner and budgeting for it.  It was a great conversation and she made some great and very valid points (thanks Kelly!), especially at this time of year when just after Christmas we've all eaten and drank more than the norm! We may have spent much more than usual and we're a bit skint but want to eat well and get to the gym - all extra costs.  I'm going to try to address the points made around food costs here. 

High cost does not always equal high value!!!

Eating healthily need not cost the earth! I promise!

 One of my favourite things is protein pancakes.... they are one of my allowable sweet treats and still fit my macros. Read on for recipe, method and nutritional info...

A good starting point.

To begin to clean up your nutrition and monitor calories is the first thing I'd advise anyone wanting to drop body fat, lose weight, get leaner.  Here are a few things to do that will get you well on your way...