Flex Fitness


Fitness need not be a chore! Enjoy the activities you do, improve on your performance and train hard at the things you enjoy!  Learn about how to train smarter, not longer.  

Q. Which training methods do I follow?  

A. Lots!!!!


If the body isn't challenged it has no reason to adapt so I like to vary what I do constantly... my activity, I change between high reps with lighter weight and lower reps with heavy weight, HIIT, CrossFit sessions, running, rowing, cycling and spin, I'm trying to swim more.  

I want to improve.  I don't want to achieve the same speed or distance each run.. I want to improve so I push myself harder and try to improve week on week. 

I like to learn new skills, that's why I love CrossFit.. so many skills to master it will keep me interested and excited. 

I try to train hard - 80%.... this goes back to the first principle above - if you're not challenging yourself your body has no reason to change, and I'm trying to affect a change in body fat (decrease) and in strength (increase). 

I train as often as I can. Usually 5/6 days a week, usually train twice on the days I train, one cardio or HIIT or CrossFit session and some strength. 

I train with other people, PTs, friends, groups sessions at CrossFit as I find it motivates me to work harder.

I read and learn a lot about what gets results.  

I don't make excuses... just because it's raining doesn't mean I can't run... as a friend of mine always says... "Good news!  The human body does not rust!" :-D




If it's important enough to you, you'll find a way.  I train when I'm away on business trips (I book hotels with a decent gym). I train when I'm on holiday (photo below is in the hotel gym on a recent family holiday), I will train anywhere and anytime.  I have been know to train at 10pm at night. Can't get out of the house to the gym?  Buy some basic equipment for the home or do bodyweight exercises at tempo and HIIT.  I transformed my garage in to a gym because I was struggling to get out of the house to get to the gym.  

My point is that, unless there is a medical reason, there's really no excuse for not being able to do physical activity if you want to. 


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