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Fitness need not be a chore! Enjoy the activities you do, improve on your performance and train hard at the things you enjoy!  Learn about how to train smarter, not longer.  


At Flex Food and Fitness we have an open minded and varied approach to fitness! Firm believers in changing it up to make sure your body adapts to new challenges. Here we'll talk about functional fitness, making fitness a part of your lifestyle by finding the things you enjoy and making continual improvements in a variety of areas to suit you. We enjoy a wide variety of training methods and activities and our fitness section will be home to tips and tricks and inspiration on how to train smarter, what we do, frequency and how to build it in to your lifestyle.


Ever since I began training at my local CrossFit - CrossFit Northern Soul, I've been asked the question 'what is it you do? cross trainer?..'. Or, it's completely misunderstood as an exercise in itself. Or even thought of as a cult!! lol I wanted to write a blog post to help break down the mystery and to give you a little insight into what goes on in my awesome CrossFit box and others' around the country, and indeed around the world. 

More gritty than pretty, you won't find anyone doing the token totter on the treadmill... there are no treadmills!  In fact, there are very few machines at CrossFit... we ARE the machines!  You come to work and have fun with like minded folk :-D  So, if you want to know your 'snatch' from your 'box' and your 'push press' from your 'clean and jerk', then read on... ;-)  

It's the age old question that everyone asks... 'how can I lose weight here', 'How can I make my bum smaller'... and don't get me started on 'I don't want to gain muscle, I just want to lose weight' ... that's a whole other article lol.  

People, including me in years gone by, always have areas that they don't like and want to focus their efforts on.  Losing belly fat, toning up thighs or arms to get rid of the dreaded under arm flab or 'bingo wings' as I like to call them.  People want to know how to focus on one area or another and whether there are any exercises that will tone one area specifically more than another.  

The answer is none - zero exercise which on it's own will focus on losing the weight and target toning one specific area of the body. Read on to find out why and what you need to do if you are targeting one area. 



For me, stretching was always the token ten seconds on each leg and then arms to the sky before my monotonous half hour of cardio and the obligatory circuit of low-load resistance machines...and that was fine because it got me where I wanted to be at the time - drop the weight and keep my body safe while exercising. However, and here’s the point of this article, the regime I had before didn't EVER give me the definition or tone I now have in my body! It never made me feel strong and I was never that 'fit'.  As much as I enjoyed it and, yes, it helped to keep my mind and body healthy - it was just routine. My stretching was routine was the same four or five basic stretches and it was only when I began training in earnest last year I came to realise how important mobility work is (especially as you get older and you start to feel those niggles…I'm 42 this year! Eeeeeek!). Enter ROMWOD!

Q. Which training methods do I follow?  

A. Lots!!!!


If the body isn't challenged it has no reason to adapt so I like to vary what I do constantly... my activity, I change between high reps with lighter weight and lower reps with heavy weight, HIIT, CrossFit sessions, running, rowing, cycling and spin, I'm trying to swim more.