Here are the principles I employ to motivate me, keep me on track and keep me moving in the right direction towards achieving my goals

- Know what you want, set your goals and make them specific and measurable

- Understand what it takes and formulate a plan as to how you will achieve your goals - read, research, ask questions, follow people on social media, immerse yourself in relevant info, find people who inspire you

- Have faith in yourself, be honest with yourself and stay true to your goals - whatever they are

- Apply progressive development - the body doesn't change if it isn't challenged - aim to go faster, lift heavier, learn more skills, go harder

- Eat 80% clean 80% of the time & minimise alcohol.  Be aware of and acknowledge accurately what I'm fuelling my body with and how much (measure my cals and macros)

- Apply myself fully - no excuses. Focus on improving my own health and fitness rather than competing with others - it's MY journey

- Think positively - don't beat myself up over off days. Acknowledge them, accept them and move on. Just because you didn't hit your targets today doesn't mean you can't try again tomorrow, and the next day and so on.

- Hold myself accountable for my progress - post about my goals and aspirations and talk about them

- Document progress - in your achievements, in what you do and the results that it provides, document your weight and measurements regularly so that you can understand how the things you do affect the physical results and your body's response, take photos so you can see your progression and have a timeline to look back on.

- Enjoy it - have fun.  Don't labour yourself through an hour's bike ride if you hate cycling!  Find things that you enjoy doing that will get you to your goal and do those.  Life is short, have fun!


CrossFit Level 1 - Trainer


Current regime

- Eat 80/20 clean

- Macros C30 P45 F25

- Cals 1450

- Training:
| running 2/3 times a week (3, 5 and 10K unless training then spin out run to work up to 21K over a period of 6 weeks before racing)
| CrossFit 2/3 sessions a week
| Weight training minimum 3/4 hour sessions a week

- I don't drink enough water - currently 1.5 litres a day, and liquids from other sources (coffee/ tea / no sugar squash)

- I don't get enough sleep ( :-0  ).  2 days unbroken sleep a week maximum the rest are usually broken periods of 6/7 hours a night broken once or twice

- Supplements - fish oil and the odd creatine monohydrate (when I remember). Some pre-workout beta alanine occassionally.

PERSONAL 2017 Health and Fitness Goals
  • I still have weight to lose.  I want to lose another 14 lbs so that i'm leaner and lighter which will help me improve my strength to wieght ratio in order to hit other specific goals like pull up, toes to bar etc.
  • Drink more water
  • Aim to get at least 7 hours sleep 4 nights a week (at least 7 hours unbroken twice a week)


  • Improve on my deadlift PB by 10% by the end of the year - currently at 105kg
  • I would like to get an RX on the crossfit board (be able to perform the WoD at the desired weight) ü
    Managed to get my first RX on the board with CrossFit Games Open workout 17.1 on 24 February 2017.


  • Have at least one unassisted strict pull up by the end of the year
  • Be able to string together at least 2 kipping pull ups
  • Master toes to bar
  • Master double unders and string at least 5 together


  • Improve my row speed currently 55 seconds for 250m.  Aim - 53 seconds
  • Improve half marathon speed - break sub 2 hour (currently my best is 2 hours 10 minutes). I have two attempts booked in this year - 19 March and summer Liverpool Rock n Roll half ü
    Managed to achieve sub 2hr at the Wilmslow Half on 19th March. Time = 1:56:28
  • Improve speed on 5k run - current PB 26:17 - would like to break 26 minutes
    Managed to break this at the Leeds Woodhouse Parkrun 25th March 2017. Time = 24:31
  • Improve speed on 10k run - current PB 55:54 - would like to break 55 minutes


  • Would like to compete in a CrossFit competition. Competed in friendly in house CrossFit competition on 11 February 2017 at CrossFit Northern Soul. It was immense! :-D