About Flex food & fitness

I'm Claire, CrossFitter, runner, health & fitness enthusiast, and budding philanthropist.  I share my knowledge and experience on health and fitness.  


I'm also a single mum of two, so I know how difficult it can be to juggle priorities.

Although I've always been in to health and fitness I've learned over the last year or so to make better choices with my nutrition and to train harder and smarter, rather than longer. No fad diets (yuk!), No need to spend hours in the gym, just smarter food and fitness choices.

Being fit and healthy need not equate to misery and a life of restrictions. Flex Food and Fitness is about understanding your goals, the lifestyle you want and employing flexible tactics to achieve your goals and live the fit and healthy life you design.




So, how has my lifestyle changed and what does my lifestyle look like now?

 One of my favourite things is protein pancakes.... they are one of my allowable sweet treats and still fit my macros. Read on for recipe, method and nutritional info...

A good starting point.

To begin to clean up your nutrition and monitor calories is the first thing I'd advise anyone wanting to drop body fat, lose weight, get leaner.  Here are a few things to do that will get you well on your way...